Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oh Yeah, There Was a Debate Last Night

Again, I'm not going to comment on last night's debate, as I don't want to raise the profiles of either participant.  I will, however, refer to some points Jill Stein brought up while "debating" both candidates (she was actually responding to points from the debate via an Internet broadcast, part of which I caught, because she wasn't allowed to join them on the dais for real).
Dr. Stein noted that both parties are untrustworthy on issues such as Wall Street reform and student loan fairness, pointing out that a business-friendly administration is "not who we need to put into the White House . . ..  If we, as a country, can bail out Wall Street with its waste, fraud and abuse, then we need to bail out the students who are the future of this country."
Both Donald and Hillary say they have to the answers to our problems.  Dr. Stein is having none of that.  "The answer to our problems - war, immigration, security, economy, climate change, etc," she said, "is, we've got to stop causing the problems in the first place."
The good news?  Trump is going to lose.  The bad news?  It's you and me with HRC!  But I'm still voting for Dr. Stein and whatever Green Party candidates I can find on my local ballot, though the good doctor may be the only one.  Greens won't win much if anything on Election Day, but if enough of us on the left have the nerve to break from the Democrats and vote Green, we can start laying the foundation for a stronger and more viable liberal party in the future.  Going third party is dumb?  Don't you let anyone make you believe it.     

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