Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Matthew The Monster

After wobbling back and forth for a week in figuring out where Hurricane Matthew is going to go, the major weather forecasting models are taking the storm closer to the U.S. East Coast and it's becoming more likely that it will affect the Northeast, where I live.  Wind speeds may be in the triple digits as late as Saturday, when it is expected to be off the coast of South Carolina - only six miles an hour short of "major" status (105 mph).
And here's where it's expected to be on Sunday afternoon, according to the 18z model run from the Global Forecast System:  
It shows the storm heading east from the Outer Banks of North Carolina but still drawing a lot of rain  into New Jersey.  A local weatherman in my area says that coastal and extreme southern areas of the state may see the worst possible impacts from the storm, but he is confident that it won't be worse than that.  We'll see.  The models have been wobbling back and forth so long, I'm getting headaches just trying to keep up with it.
But . . . many forecasters who thought that we in the Tri-State area would get off the hook are now changing their minds and expecting a storm that could be what our current Vice President would call "a big f---ing deal."   
I'm here to tell you that I may have to take a very long hiatus, like I did when Sandy hit.   I have a nasty feeling that Blackout Number 37 is coming, and it could be a long one.  No TV, no Internet, no opportunity to see the season premiere of "The Middle" . . . and if it's bad enough around here, I might miss my stamp club meeting this coming Monday.  I already miss a lot of meetings of my stamp club because I have to work often when they're held, but not on Columbus Day.   And of course there are far more serious problems that Matthew would cause that I don't even want to think about.
Very antsy these days. Sorry.      

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