Monday, October 10, 2016

Matthew: The End

It's done.

As the map above indicates, Hurricane Matthew, as of  5 P.M. Eastern time Sunday night, was downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone and was headed put to sea . . .and it's going to stay there.  No loop, no coast-hugging, none of that stuff.  It's over.  It caused damage in four states, North Carolina being the hardest hit, and it left a lot of heartbreak in its wake.  And that is the last I have to say about it.  And with seven weeks and change left in the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season and possibly five more storms to go before it's over, I hope Matthew - a name unlikely to be used again for a tropical storm six years hence - ends up having been the worst of it.
Computer models don't show any tropical development in the near future.  But then, you know how unreliable they are . . .

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