Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The "Voice" Of a Generation?

I couldn't help but notice the relentless promos for the latest season of the NBC talent show "The Voice" during the Olympics, nor could I help but notice that Miley Cyrus is a coach, which is sort of like having Sarah Palin as a judge for a high-school debate.
I need not say any more, except to add that the idea of a no-talent singer offering advice on a talent show is more proof of how American culture is dying.  As for the other coaches . . . okay, Alicia Keys deserves to be a judge, and so does Blake Shelton, but with the possible exception of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, there's no real rocker among them.  And past seasons haven't included a straight rock singer as a coach, either.  Geez, even "American Idol" had Steven Tyler as a judge!
Okay, past advisors to the coaches have include rockers like John Fogerty and Joan Jett.  But the bottom line is that if your coach isn't a flat-out rocker, you probably ought not to compete if you want to sing like Jagger and not just move like him.

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