Monday, September 26, 2016

Regarding the National Museum Of African American History And Culture

Let me say at this moment, right here and right now, that I support the National Museum Of African American History And Culture.  I truly believe that black Americans should have a museum to tell the story of their role in American history, and yes, the museum is not just for black Americans, it's for all Americans.  So let's get that straight.  I am not some dumb-ass honky who thinks there should not be a national black history museum.  I'll be sure to go and see it the next time I'm in Washington.
But the building . . .
I mean, it's so ugly!
I'm sorry!  It looks like a stack of in-and-out-boxes without the legs between them!  Or a stack of rusty lasagna trays!  What was the architect, the black architect Philip Freelon, thinking? A white architect, designing a building just like this for, say, a museum of Italian-American history - well, I did say it looked like a stack of rusty lasagna trays! - would be just as wrongheaded to come up with such a design! How many tourists, ten years from now or even ten weeks from now, will visit this museum, look at the exterior, and think it's scaffolding?  Well, until recently, it certainly complemented the Capitol.  
Freelon apparently sought to provide a contrast to the marble and granite buildings along Washington's National Mall.  Well, he undoubtedly succeeded.  But may I ask why we need a building to contrast the classical architecture of downtown Washington?  And why not have a black history museum that's yet another example of classical architecture?  Because the whole point of classical architecture or classical anything is that it stands the test of time! But a building like this . . . well, I'm going to stop there.
Except to say that I've seen worse-looking museums, none of which have anything to do with black history.  

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