Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bombs Aweigh . . .

I feel sick.
In Seaside Park, New Jersey yesterday, a pipe bomb went off in a trash can just before a five-kilometer run benefiting military families, forcing its cancellation.  Ironically, a delay in the start of the run, caused by a continuation of registrations for it, prevented from anyone running by it and getting hurt when it went off.
Later in the evening, another incendiary device exploded in New York City's Chelsea district, injuring 29 people.  In what can only be described as classic political double-talk, Mayor de Blasio,  insisted that it probably wasn't terrorism-related but said it was intentional.  (A second, unexploded, device was found later nearby.)  Both de Blasio and New York governor Andrew Cuomo said that people shouldn't be deterred by the blast and go about their lives . . . and not give in to fear.  My mother already has.  She doesn't want me to go into the city for the forseeable future.
I feel sick . . ..       

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