Friday, August 12, 2016

Two Women Named Simone

Well, how about this?
On the left is American gymnast Simone Biles.  On the right, American swimmer Simone Manuel.  They just won big time in their respective sports at the Olympics!  
After winning a gold medal as part of the women's gymnastic team in the team competition, Biles won the individual all-around gold medal last night.  Then, Manuel upset, well, just about everyone in the women's 100-meter freestyle swim race, including the Campbell sisters from Australia, and became the first black American woman to win a gold medal in an Olympic individual swimming event by tying with Canada's Penny Oleksiak and sharing the gold with her.  Ms. Biles, Ms. Manuel: You gals rock! 
I first saw Simone Manuel swim her way on to the team at the Olympic trials on TV in July.  I remember that moment vividly . . . because when she was talking to the press afterwards, the cable service went out. 
*#!!@ severe thunderstorm! 

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