Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Olympics: Here We Go Again

You know, I promised myself and you that I wouldn't bring up the same Olympic stories and topics I've brought up in the past, but the U.S. men's water polo team laves me no choice.  Back in 2012 I joked how American men, the water polo team especially, were so pathetic they were losing to Croatia.  Well, today, the men's water polo team lost 7-5 to . . . Croatia.  Well, there you have it, boys and girls, it's only the first day of Olympic competition in Rio, and our men's teams are already sucking.
Okay, it's early yet, but this is hardly what I call a good start . . .  
Again, we Yanks have to rely on the women to save us from embarrassment.  In the 10-meter air rifle competition, Virginia Thrasher thrashed two Chinese competitors for the gold medal.  I'm not going to take the obvious cheap shot here . . ..
Meanwhile, in cycling. specifically, the five-man road race . . ..  One of the race courses is paved partly in cobblestone and is doing a number on so many bicycles.  It turned out to be an endurance test, and a lot of cyclists weren't able to handle the uneven pavement.  Gee, whatever happened to simply getting across the finish line first?  (For the record, Greg Van Avermaet of Belgium did just that.)
Meanwhile, in swimming . . . First-time Olympian Adam Peaty of Great Britain set a new world's record in the 100-meter men's breaststroke . . . in a qualifier.
Wait until the medal round! :-O   

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