Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Give Me Silver, Blue and Gold . . .

. . . the colors of the sky, I'm told.  And, the colors that comprise the color of Ryan Lochte's hair!
I think the only time I've seen that color before was when I bought a pack of winter-ice chewing gum.
Even my ladyfriend who likes to check out Ryan Lochte is appalled.  But at least he's not wearing that grill brace over his teeth! 
You know, I could point out that the most radical thing Janet Evans ever did to her hair was let it grow, and that she had a short cut in her early twenties but now sports longer locks, and that she looks good with either short or long hair, and that she's never looked ridiculous . . . like this, but I won't.  Oh - did I just do that? ;-) :-D    

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