Saturday, July 2, 2016

Number Five

Michael Phelps made his fifth U.S. Olympic team!
The most decorated Olympian of all time qualified for the 200-meter butterfly and 200-meter individual medley events, winning both of them at the Olympic swimming trials in Omaha.  So his mom gets to go to Rio after all.  He edged out Ryan Lochte (below, left, with Phelps), who also qualified by coming in second, in the latter event.   
I saw the 200 IM on the tube last night, and it was thrilling. More momentous occurrences seemed to be in store.  Then - thanks to a severe thunderstorm - the cable service went out, and by the time it was restored over an hour later, the trials were over.  (No electrical blackout, though, and no tornadoes.) 
I had been looking forward to seeing Michael Phelps compete in Rio, but I had not been expecting him to win in Rio.  I might have to reconsider that . . ..   

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