Saturday, July 16, 2016

It's Pence

Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump chose Indiana governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate.  Pence is 57, a Goldilocks-type age for the executive branch (not too old, not to young), he has executive experience, and he is against anti-Muslim discrimination.  That's about all I can say in his favor.
I can, however, say a lot against him.  He's so against abortion that he signed a punitive anti-abortion law in Indiana that even the state's Republicans thought was too extreme, he supported the Iraq War (Donald Trump was against it), he supports bad trade deals (which Trump has opposed), and he supported a homophobic "religious freedom" law that allowed people of faith to discriminate against gays and had to be scaled back when businesses in Indiana complained.  Also, he's a staunch supporter of supply-side economics, which bankrupted the middle class.
On balance, Pence is just another GOP stooge.  He completes Trump - which means a Trump/Pence administration would be a complete disaster. (Trump/Pence? Sounds like a British coin . . . a Mary Poppins lyric, in fact! "Feed the birds, trump pence a bag!" :p)  If Trump does become President, just remember it could be worse . . . and if Trump dies in office, it will be. 

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