Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Feel The Bernout

As I write this, Hillary Clinton is in New Hampshire acknowledging the endorsement now-former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has just given her while Sanders stands by her side (Martin O'Malley wasn't invited to this rally, even though he endorsed Hillary the second the primaries and caucuses were over), and she's now endorsing some ideas of his that she was even reluctant to bring up not too long ago - college tuition, the minimum wage, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, et. al.  (The party isn't officially opposed to TPP, and she was for it because she was against it. :-p)  She's also throwing in references to infrastructure and clean energy that could have come from her husband in 1992.  Sorry, Hillary . . . we've heard it all before from you, your husband, and your establishment buddies.  We've also heard it all before from President Obama, whose election turned out to be, as the late David Carr once wrote, a moment we all bought into.  Now that Bernie is out, will his supporters follow him to Hillary?  I think not. I think very not.
And to think Jill Stein offered to step aside and let Sanders be the Green Party presidential nominee in her stead.  Okay, Dr. Stein, you can stop being so modest.  Damn the Democrats, damn Bernie Sanders, full speed ahead!  We need you.  
And Martin O'Malley should seriously consider being a Green Party member, even if it's not easy being Green.  Remember those Russian hackers that got into the Democratic National Committee's computers?  I expect that pretty soon that these Russkies will soon release secret documents from the DNC revealing that committee members consider O'Malley to be the biggest schmuck in the party and that no one on the committee respects or even likes him.  Not that his reputation among rank-and-file members is all that much better.  O'Malley shouldn't belong to a party where people treat him like dirt and say nasty things about him behind (and in front of) him.  That includes a lot of folks on the Sanders campaign.     

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