Saturday, July 30, 2016

Convention Conclusion

Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech?  I turned it off part of the way through.  And to show you just how sick and tired I am of both parties, I did the same thing when Donald Trump was speaking.  Hillary may have enlightened me with her life story and her work wit the Children's Defense Fund, but the policies she espoused are the same old Democratic platitudes.  She said nothing to convince me to vote for her.  She did go after Donald Trump with gusto - but then, who hasn't?     
And then there was the sad case of Martin O'Malley.  For his announcement of his support for Hillary weeks before Bernie Sanders made his, O'Malley was rewarded with . . . six minutes of time to speak, and before prime time.  He's gotten more time on Rachel Maddow's show.  He didn't so much make the case for Hillary as he made the case against Donald Trump.  Appearing before the delegates without a suitcoat, he sounded more like a pitchman than a statesman.  If the Democratic National Committee had any respect for him - and no, they don't - they would have given him more room.  
No one else seems to want to.  While the White House said he did a good job, he's not being talked about by the party, the media, or anyone else as a possible presidential nominee in 2020 or 2024.  A New York Times article mentioned several up-and-coming Democrats as possible future candidates - given the dearth of fresh blood in this dying party, I'm surprised they found so many - and, as the media are so wont to do, ignored the man from Maryland.  But then, of course - O'Malley wasn't the only 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump ridiculed during the primaries, but he was the only one every other presidential candidate of 2016 joined Trump in ridiculing.  Martin, it's time to quit the Democratic Party and help start whatever new party replaces it once it dies a richly deserved death.   
Yeah, I know O'Malley is supporting Hillary, and he's asking everyone to get behind her, but I'm still going with Dr. Jill Stein.  It kills me to have to do this to him . . ..      
(P.S. I said earlier that Tim Kaine wasn't an amateur musician.  I have since learned that he plays the harmonica.  Maybe he and O'Malley can start a politicians' supergroup - just don't invite Mike Huckabee!)

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