Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Republican Health Care Plan

It sucks.
House Republicans, with Paul Ryan at the helm, just came up with their plan for replacing the Affordable Care Act.  Among the plan's highlights are:
Medical savings accounts, which pretty much places the onus of paying health care costs on the individual:
A rollback of Medicaid expansion and a fixed amount for each state to spend on the program any way the wish, including allowing states to implement work requirements for recipients to get it:
The right of states to "charge reasonable enforceable premiums or offer a limited benefit package" and produce" and use “waiting lists and enrollment caps" for some Medicaid beneficiaries (in other words, rationed care), and:
Raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67, rather than moving toward a "Medicare for all" system.
There's more, but I won't dignify this odious idea with any more highlights . . . or any details.  
Except it to pass, though, if the Democrats get blown out of the water on Election Day. 

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