Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Marco Returns!

After vowing that he wouldn't seek a second term in the Senate to concentrate on the his bid for the Presidency - and would not entertain a Senate campaign if his presidential bid failed - Republican Marco Rubio reversed course and announced that, yes, he is a candidate for re-election to the U.S. Senate from Florida.
This is the political equivalent of the original Duran Duran lineup reforming.  I didn't like what came before, and I'm not looking forward to the new stuff!
Rubio decided to run after bowing to pressure to try to keep his seat in the Republican Senate caucus.  The GOP is afraid that, without Rubio, it could lose this seat and possibly the Senate to the Democrats. As soon as Rubio changed course, he assumed a seven-point lead over his likely Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy in the polls.
My money is on Rubio, of course.  Because Tea Party Republicans are like poison ivy; you can't get rid of either. Democrats in Florida will likely adhere to their strict tradition of losing to the GOP in crucial down-ballot elections, which is in fact the Democratic tradition nationwide.  As always, Democrats will be sending sacrificial lambs to the November elections, and the party will be increasingly dependent on its grizzled veterans to keep it going.  While Republicans manage to thrive on Tea Party young guns like Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton, the Democrats can't seem to fortify their congressional caucuses with anyone under sixty, and certainly with very few people under fifty . . . and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is 49!
Oh yeah, Rubio has pledged to fight Trump's anti-immigrant policies if they both win in November. Thanks for everything, Marco. You're a guy. :-P

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