Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Liz, We Hardly Knew Ya

It wasn't surprising that President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Martin O'Malley endorsed Hillary Clinton for President out of party unity after the California and New Jersey primaries.  What was surprising - nay, shocking - was Elizabeth Warren did so as well.
While every other female Democratic U.S. Senator endorsed Hillary early on, Senator Warren, representing Massachusetts, championed no one.  She balked at endorsing Bernie Sanders, which would have been the logical thing for her to do, even as she refused to endorse Hillary. But endorsing Sanders would have also been the risky thing for her to do; only two female Democratic U.S. House members did so, as did former Ohio state senator Nina Turner, who might have endangered any chance for herself to return to public office.  Warren only made a few statements bashing corporations and banks but never gave Sanders the momentum he needed by backing him.  Now that she's backed Hillary Clinton - the very embodiment for the Democratic establishment Warren has been fighting against - it seems like the ultimate safe move, like the sorts of moves Hillary has made in her career.  Everyone who took a risk and went against Hillary paid the price for it.  Elizabeth Warren played it safe . . . and paid for it with her credibility.  
When Martin O'Malley was asked about the possibility of running a progressive campaign when Elizabeth Warren was better known, O'Malley replied, "Elizabeth Warren isn't running for President.  I am."  That campaign didn't work out, of course, and he was wrong about his chances, but not as wrong as we will be if we think Elizabeth Warren will ever again be able to speak against the establishment without hypocrisy. 

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