Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Wonders Never Cease!

Bernie Sanders won the Indiana Democratic primary?
And Ted Cruz is out of the running in the Republican presidential contest?
You know, just when I was convinced that the 2016 presidential campaign wasn't worth my attention, things get interesting again.  Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee, having gotten ahead with so many lies but, ironically, destroyed his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination by telling the truth about them (Scott Walker decimated Wisconsin's economy, Ted Cruz's foreign birth may make him constitutionally ineligible to run for President, Jeb Bush can't be trusted to maintain peace after his brother George started two wars he couldn't finish, Marco Rubio is immature).
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton still can't get Sanders to give up and give in.  Hillary may still become the Democratic nominee, but not without a fight - a fight that could split the party and put on the road to Whig-like extinction.  Unless Sanders emerges as the nominee.  I was all ready to give up on the Democratic Party, not vote in the New Jersey party primary, and support a third-party candidate, but I may have to rethink all that.    

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