Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Bonnie Lies Over the Carolinas

The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season doesn't begin until June 1, and already we have our second storm of the year - Hurricane Alex formed in January.  If Tropical Storm Bonnie forming this early doesn't convince any climate-change skeptics of the truth, nothing will!  It's expected to hit the South Carolina coast this weekend.  
Incidentally, this is the seventh storm to be named Bonnie since it was decided to use that name for the second storm of the 1980 Atlantic hurricane season.   There hasn't been a storm by that name so horrible that it made it impossible to use again, and Bonnie the Seventh should be no exception.  It will produce a lot of rain, though, not just in the Carolinas but in the Northeast, where it's not even supposed to come close to making  a direct hit - and even if it did, it's a weak storm at best.  This, however, is a taste of likely worse to come.

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