Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Almost Hell?

Democratic voters in today's West Virginia primary are really excited and motivated to vote for Bernie Sanders. leading in the polls there, in today's primary . . . although I don't know why, and they probably don't know why either, since Hillary Clinton has the Democratic presidential nomination all but sewn up.  Even if she loses a couple of contests before California and New Jersey in June, she may pick up enough convention delegates proportionally to get the 50 percent-plus-one majority she needs. 
I miss the days when a two-thirds majority at the conventions were necessary to get nominated to run for President. 
As for me, specifically as to whether I'll vote for Sanders in the New Jersey Democratic primary, I'm on the bubble, but I'll probably sit the primary out.  You have to realize that I'm not really a Bernie Sanders supporter; I'm a frustrated Martin O'Malley supporter who simply backed Hillary's last remaining primary/caucus opponent after O'Malley dropped out.  There's a difference between the two.  And while I want to vote for Sanders in the general election, I don't see his nomination becoming a reality. Hillary leads Bernie two to one in the New Jersey primary polling already.  And so, in November, I'll be faced with the infernal choice of the Donald versus the Hillary.
I'm ready to go third party in a heartbeat . . ..

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