Sunday, April 3, 2016

Howlin' Wind

We in New York City and northern New Jersey can stop worrying about a snowstorm.  Now we can start worrying about a windstorm. :-O

Although the snow originally forecast for the start of the first full week of April will be marginal at best and inconsequential at least, we have another, bigger problem to deal with - winds up to thirty miles an hour later today, the result of a big storm off the coast of New England.  It is expected to funnel high winds with gusts of up to fifty miles an hour or more - not just for the New Jersey and Long Island coasts but inland as well.  That means very good chances for damaged property, downed trees, and, yes, blackouts.
My household has had 34 outages since November 2009, and I have a nasty feeling that Outage Number 35 is upon us.  I don't think I can take much more of this extreme weather, but it's here to stay, thanks to climate change.  As always, stay tuned . . . I may be back.   

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