Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Four Seasons in One Month

This month.  And it's only April 6.
Friday, April 1, was a warm, slightly summery day where I live, with a little rain to start.  Saturday, April 2, was springlike, only to end with a thunderstorm so violent it covered the ground with hail within minutes.  Sunday, April 3, had a late-winter-type windstorm (which we got through without a blackout) followed by a November-like rain (the kind Guns 'N' Roses sang about) on Monday, April 4.  Yesterday - Tuesday, April 5 - felt like January.
What's in store for the next few days?  Springlike rain and a summer-like thunderstorm for tomorrow, followed by a seasonable Friday and then another cold weekend.  Snow?  Maybe a little, maybe a lot for Saturday, though the latest forecasts are backing off from anything major - though that could change.  But it looks like April might - just might - start feeling more like April by next week.
These weather pattern changes are driving me crazy.  I've just had five of the most trying months of my life, and I'm trying to come out of this difficult period.  This unstable weather doesn't help.  I'm already looking forward to next week, although some long-range forecasts suggest that I may have to wait a little longer.

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