Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Feel THIS Bern!

With Hillary Clinton likely to win all of the Democratic presidential primaries today, she's making statements and intimations suggesting that Bernie Sanders should see the handwriting on the wall and be prepared to support her, just as she saw the handwriting on the wall and withdrew in favor of Barack Obama in 2008.  Sanders, of course, has no intention of quitting, at least not until every Democratic primary and caucus participant in all fifty states has a chance to vote.
What's more, even though Hillary encouraged her supporters to vote for Obama in November 2008 after four out often said they wouldn't she shouldn't expect Sanders to help deliver his supporters to her even if he encourages them to vote for her.  As he himself said, he can't just snap his fingers and get his supporters to all suddenly back her.  That, he says, is not how democracy works.
No, it isn't. In fact, Sanders' progressive base is wondering if democracy can ever thrive in a rigged system that favors the powerful.  Many of us are quick to point out that we've had two Democratic Presidents since 1981, whom we hoped would deliver a more populist domestic agenda, greater fairness for the middle and working classes, and an expansion of public services and amenities that make a country worth living in.  Instead they let Republicans take over almost everything and pleaded that they needed to acknowledge conservative opposition and get along with it, which is what the situation is now, and quite frankly, we're tired of it.
Hillary shouldn't expect Bernie-bots to follow her the way they followed Bernie, especially since she comes from the wing of the Democratic Party that has told progressives to be patient for decades.  The progressive agenda can't wait any longer. 

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