Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trumping Order

I'm depressed by the recent altercations and mayhem that went on over this past weekend over Donald Trump.  Trump has probably done more than any public figure since George Wallace to divide people, and it played itself out in Arizona when anti-Trump protesters blocked traffic outside Phoenix to prevent the presidential candidates' supporters from attending a Trump rally near there.  
People have a right to protest, of course, but they do not have a right to block traffic to stop anyone else from going somewhere else - not just a Trump rally (notice how they're not called "campaign events?") but anywhere that happens to be in the same direction of a Trump rally, as many people traveling on this highway were probably trying to get to Safeway or someplace like that.  Still, the person to blame for all this is Trump himself, who has instigated a lot of ill will and nastiness toward his detractors and also among his supporters - some of whom are public officials, like long-serving Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff and nationally known bigot Joseph Arpaio, whose job was to clear the highway.  Not good.
There was another Trump event in Tucson.
This is picture from CBS News's Web site taken at the Tucson event.  It shows a Trump supporter and a Trump protester about to come to blows.  And I have no idea which is which. 
There were protests in New York City over the weekend as well, but they were more measured and less disruptive, at least relatively speaking. Still, the Arizona demonstrations and the Tucson demonstration in particular have shown how much Americans of different persuasions - racial, political, cultural - are at each other's throats and in a sate of chaos and disorder, brought to you by the guy who brought you ugly skyscrapers.  Time to leave our divisiveness in Tucson, Arizona . . . and get back to where we once belonged.    

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