Monday, March 21, 2016

This and That

The snow in my area turned out to be not so big a deal and not even a deal, as we only got a coating, far less than the five to eight inches originally predicted and even far less than the one to three inches predicted as late as the day before it did snow.
I suppose that's the end of the snow threat until next winter, but I'm not entirely convinced that it won't snow in April.  And there are even hints of summer-like weather on Good Friday in the form of severe thunderstorms.   
Oh yeah, my Sunday record reviews . . . well, I haven't written one since November, and just when I think I'm going to get around to writing one, something prevents that.  There's been a lot going on these past few months.  Right now, I'm hoping to resume them some time in April, but I don't want to promise anything.  I can promise that there won't be one for Easter Sunday.
Stay tuned, I should be back . . . 

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