Monday, February 1, 2016

The People Have Decided

Gary Hart conceded as much when he tried for a comeback in 1988 after re-entering that year's Democratic presidential nomination contest in the aftermath of the sex scandal that derailed his original entry, and now his protégé Martin O'Malley has conceded the same thing in 2016.  Having received only six-tenths of a percent of the vote in tonight's Iowa caucuses (the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is too close to call at this time), O'Malley is suspending his presidential campaign. 
So what do I plan to do now?  Well, for starters, I plan to spend a lot less time on the Internet.  I now support Bernie Sanders, but my support will go no further than voting for him in the New Jersey Democratic primary on June 7, because I'm tired from all the e-campaigning I've done for O'Malley.  I will certainly vote for Bernie if he's the Democratic presidential nominee, but . . . support Hillary?  I'd sooner throw my ballot in the gutter.  The Democratic National Committee has tipped the scales for Hillary with its un-democratic, underhanded practices to ensure her nomination, even though she represents the centrist, establishmentarian, pro-business, pro-Wall Street Democrats who have intellectually bankrupted that party.   Choose between Hillary and a Republican? Any political system that gives me that choice is one I want no part of.     
Thanks for giving me hope, Martin O'Malley.  And to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it will be a cold day in hell before I send you one red cent in campaign contributions.  

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