Saturday, November 14, 2015


I don't really have anything intelligent or insightful to say about the terrorist attacks in Paris.  There have been at least 153 people killed in the attacks, which included bombs going off at a soccer stadium and an ambush in a theater where an American metal band was playing; several hostages were also taken in that theater.
The city went under a curfew, and the situation is so bad that French President Fran├žois Hollande has sealed the country's borders.  This is the worst crisis to befall Paris, a city known for crises from the Bastille raid to the Commune, since the Occupation 75 years ago.  Parisians who thought they wouldn't be darkened by another evil presence after Adolf Hitler goose-stepped in front of the Eiffel Tower are acclimating themselves to a different reality.      
Paris, the city of light, the city of romance, will be so again.  For now, though, let's pray for the city to get through this. :-(  

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