Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We Need Debate!

Tonight is the first Democratic presidential debate, and hopefully Martin O'Malley can find a way to break out.  Otherwise, he'll strike out.  The focus on the rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will make it hard for any of the so-called "lesser candidates" to break through, but if any of those candidates can, it's Marty.
Donald Trump is expecting the ratings for this debate to be bad because the candidates aren't as exciting his he or his Republican rivals are, but the ratings shouldn't really be a problem.  People who watch the Democratic debates aren't looking for excitement.  They're looking for something Trump isn't good at - intelligent conversation about policy. 
Still ,the media's fawning over Hillary is nauseating, along with the media's cavalier dismissal of anyone who runs against her (including Sanders).  She has all of this baggage and changes her mind so many times, and she's so conniving and calculating to the point of being cold-hearted,  it's difficult to understand why she has so much support . . . until you remember that she's the only woman in the Democratic presidential campaign and she's a Clinton.  And yes, I push anti-Hillary propaganda every chance I can on social media.  Why?  Well, consider all of this:
   I'm sure it'll be an interesting debate.  And one other thing:

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