Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Election Endorsements 2015

I wanted to get this in before what's left of Hurricane Patricia lays waste to my neighborhood and gives us a second blackout for the month (it would be number 32 for my neighborhood since November 2009!) - it's late October, and that means it's time to offer my election endorsements.  I won't waste my time making an endorsement in the mayoral race in Philadelphia - James Kenney, the Democratic nominee, is assured election simply by being the Democratic nominee, and the governorship of Mississippi will easily go to Republican incumbent Phil Bryant, as winning the Republican nomination for that office is as good as election.  I'm concentrating on the two other gubernatorial elections held this year - Kentucky and Louisiana - because they're more competitive.
So, without further ado, here are my endorsements:
For governor of Kentucky: This blog endorses Democrat Jack Conway.  He has a moderate record that is not too far to the left for Kentuckians, while Republican Matt Bevin has a record that's too far right for anyone.  This one is a no-brainer, though Kim Davis is not likely to get it. 
For governor of Louisiana: This blog endorses Democrat John Bel Edwards.  And this blog does so for two reasons.  First, Edwards wants to expand health care access for everyone in the state. Second of all, he's not U.S. Senator David Vitter, who - I kid you not - is the Republican nominee.  True, electing Edwards would keep the most famous john in American politics in the august Senate, but that's the trade-off you have to make if you want to ensure that presidential hopeless Bobby Jindal is succeeded by someone who's smarter than he is.     
Those are my endorsements.  Now let me see if I can ride out Patricia's "remnants."      

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Steve said...

As noted below, I did ride out the storm. :-)