Saturday, September 12, 2015

September Campaign 2016 News

Bernie Sanders is ahead of Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary polls and is gaining on her in Iowa.  Many of the people deserting Hillary are going not just to Sanders but to Joe Biden, who still hasn't decided whether to run.  Biden is an Irish Catholic politician from a Middle Atlantic state with working-class roots.  Sound like someone you may have heard of?  I've noted the similarities between Biden and Martin O'Malley before, and it must be torture for Marty to see a guy who hasn't even entered the race for President ahead of him in the polls!  If Biden doesn't run, these people gravitating toward him might want to take a look at Martin O'Malley.  They will find a kindred spirit.
Martin O'Malley is apparently in dubious company with Scott Walker.  Both were declared by a conservative magazine to be the biggest losers of the summer pre-primary/caucus phase of the 2016 presidential campaign; O'Malley for being stuck in low single digits in the polls, Walker for falling into low single digits in the polls.  This is an unfair comparison.  O'Malley is near the bottom of the polls because no one knows who he is.  Walker is near the bottom of the polls because everyone knows who he is!  And just as we can't count out Marty, we can't count out der Führer of Wiskonsein either.  WalKKKer is backed by wealthy reactionaries, and he's ready to use their wallets to crush his opponents.  They're certainly fat enough.  (The wallets, I mean.)
Martin O'Malley made news on the PBS Newshour on Monday . . . by merely getting a mention on that program.  Commentator Tamara Keith brought up his proposal to bring in more Syrian refugees.  It helps to be the only person running for President who's even addressing the issue.  Score one for Marty. :-)
He also got interviewed on CNN this week about Syria and about the pathetic Democratic presidential debate schedule! :-D
Now we are six:  Harvard law professor Leonard Lessig became the sixth Democratic presidential candidate, announcing his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination on Sunday and pledging to make campaign finance reform his main issue.  Great - one more opponent for Hillary to ignore.  For those keeping score, this brought the number of presidential candidates of both parties to 23.   
Now it's back to 22.  Rick Perry dropped out of the 2016 presidential campaign yesterday, and for three reasons. The first reason is lack of money, the second is low poll ratings, and I can't remember what the third one is.  (Oops.)
Oh yeah, not that this matters, but did anyone notice that Bernie Sanders - thought of as an outsider - is the only candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination who's an incumbent officeholder?     
And one other thing . . .

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