Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Joaquin Rising

After New Jersey entered a drought situation, I began to think that we might start wishing for a tropical storm to give us relief from the dry conditions.
Steve to Mother Nature: I was only kidding!  
This is the most recent (at this time) model track guidance for Joaquin, a tropical storm that became a hurricane this morning.  It could be a major hurricane - the sort that hasn't hit the Northeast since 1938! - and strike the very part of the country that got hit by Sandy . . . mine.
Early indications were that Hurricane Joaquin would miss the Northeast, but now New Jersey is in the center of the cone of uncertainty issued at 11:00 AM Eastern Time this morning, and that cone is unlikely to move.  Bottom line: This is another Sandy, and it could even be worse.  With the possibility of Joaquin moving out to sea becoming more unlikely, people along different parts of the East Coast are placed in the ethically dubious situation of hoping it hits any area along the East Coast but their own.
Not that the point of landfall would matter . . . 
We're going down. :-( 

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