Saturday, September 19, 2015

Is Kim Davis A Front?

I've been following the Kim Davis story out of Kentucky, and of course it's the story that won't go away.  First she, in her capacity as Rowan County clerk, wouldn't issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of her religious beliefs (which must include adultery and multiple marriages, because she's been involved in both of those things).  Then she did time in jail for contempt of court after violating a judge's order to issue the licenses.  Then, when Davis (who looks like Dick Cheney in drag) got out, she promised not to interfere with the issuance of marriage licenses to gay couples.  Except that she altered the license forms to remove her name and any references to Rowan County, despite that promise, and Brian Mason, one of her deputies, is afraid that the licenses may now be invalid.  
Why is she doing this?
Here's my theory.  Kentucky happens to be one of three states this year with gubernatorial elections.  The Republicans have a lock on the other two, Louisiana (which is likely to elect noted sex maniac David Vitter as its next governor) and Mississippi, but Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway in Kentucky, as noted earlier on this blog, might have a chance in November.  His Republican opponent, Matt Bevin, is a Koch-sucking Tea Party candidate who vows to tear out the Kentucky state health insurance exchange by the roots if elected governor, and he's proposing to do this over the objections of legislators in Frankfort - including some Republicans.  Right now, the polls show Conway and Bevin in a dead heat.  So how you ensure that Bevin supporters - who would no doubt be against gay marriage - come out on November 3 and nudge him over the finish line?  Why not have a right-wing county clerk defy a Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage to get Tea Partiers all riled up and ready to vote Bevin into the governor's mansion?
A method to the madness, this. :-O     
Yes, I know she's a registered Democrat.  But this wouldn't be the first time the GOP would use a Democrat for its own purposes.  Remember "Reagan Democrats?" 

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Steve said...

Update: Kim Davis just became a Republican. I think this is a plot to destroy Jack Conway!