Saturday, August 1, 2015

How To Become The Most Hated Man In the World

It's quite simple, really . . .
Go to Zimbabwe.  Bring a gun and a bow and arrow.
Tell a professional hunter and a local landowner you want to hunt a lion. Pay them handsomely for the privileges.
Lure a lion out of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, where wildlife is protected, and onto the adjacent acreage.  But not just any lion - lure Cecil, a popular lion being studied and tracked by Oxford University as part of a larger study on wild animals.
Shoot him with a bow and arrow and let him suffer. Wait a couple of days.  Then shoot him dead with a rifle.    
Then skin the body, and behead it for good measure.
Wait a month for people to find out.  Then, when you're identified, watch your reputation and your livelihood go down in flames.
Show the world just what a total douchebag and a macho rhymes-with-sit-head you are simply by being someone who hunts for sport, never mind someone who killed a lion illegally.  Compound your worthlessness as a human being by offering a meek apology for killing such a beautiful creature.  
Congratulations, Walter Palmer - you're the most hated man in the world!  And you're also the most sadistic dentist the world has seen since the Nuremberg trials!

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