Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hot Fun In the Summertime

I attended another fashion trade reunion party hosted by top eighties model Nancy Donahue and hairdresser Harry King. And I know you want to hear all about it. ;-)    
Here's Nancy herself, always looking stylish as she greets her guests.  The picture is my own.  As for how the party was, well, I went.  I saw and was seen.  I had a good time.  And I enjoyed the company of top models.
Oh, you want the details?  :-D  Well, I managed to get a couple of good pictures, despite the bad lighting in the club in which it was held, and I got a really good photo of my good friend Alva Chinn, a model from the seventies and eighties. We were really happy to see each other again.

Again, this is my own picture.  That's Alva seated at left, with a woman named Bonnie Pfeifer Evans in the pearls and orange dress.  Bonnie's niece Madelyn is immediately behind them, and the fellow in back is makeup artist Joey Mills, easily recognizable with his red baseball cap. :-) 
A woman I got to meet in person for the first time was Susan Brainard (below, in a picture that I did not take, nor is it from the party), a model from the 1960s.
Susan was a star model in Paris at a time when models were becoming celebrities in their own right, though the privilege was reserved for the very few.  But Susan was always in big demand back in the sixties, and she became one of the Ford agency's top names. 
We've  been friends online for awhile, and we've conversed a lot on Facebook, but only now were we able to enjoy each other's company.  And Susan is an enjoyable woman to be with.     
One of her best friends in Paris was Linda Morand, whom I met again and had the distinct honor of photographing with fashion art director Fred DeVito, another Facebook friend of mine.  We both know the same models, including Linda. :-) 
Three women who were expected to be there but didn't show up were Susan McGraw Keber, a former model  who's now an illustrator; Nancy DeWeir, best known for her early-eighties Max Factor ads, and: the incomparable Anne Bezamat, who came from Paris and appeared on many a stunning magazine cover.  She's a jewelry designer now.  Although I am connected with all three through social media and was eager to meet them, especially Anne Bezamat - her beauty inspired me to finish a romantic poem I was stuck on, back when I was writing poetry in college for a hobby, as I noted on this blog once before -  I'm not disappointed that it didn't work out, because I still had a good time. There's always next time.
Besides, I got this nice souvenir . . .

 . . . this lovely photo of the very lovely Alva Chinn posing with me. :-)  
Please take note that not once in this blog entry have I divulged any personal details about anyone, nor have I offered any tidbits about the party itself beyond the highlights.  I'll just say once again that I had a good time, and I am, as always, grateful to Nancy Donahue for inviting me and for making sure I would be there.  :-)  She is, as always, one of the sweetest and most engaging women in the modeling business. :-)    

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