Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Walker For Führer!

Scott Walker, der Führer of der Wiskonseinsches Reich, announced yesterday that he's running to be dictator of America.
Walker - or WalKKKer - is clearly the most dangerous candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.  Do I have to repeat his record?  He decimated the public unions, and he just made Wisconsin a right-to-work state, meaning you give up your right to be treated like a human being for the right to work.   He not only forced his lame-duck Democratic predecessor to cancel Wisconsin's high-stepped rail program, he started spending money on widening Interstate 94 between Madison and Milwaukee, where a high-speed rail line would have run, despite the fact that Wisconsin motorists have logged fewer vehicle miles since he became governor in 2011.  He supports making ultrasounds for pregnant women mandatory to discourage abortions because ultrasounds seem "cool" to him - what, did he have one? - and he had his rubber-stamp legislature repeal the Wisconsin law that allowed women to sue for pay discrimination.  Also, this intellectual-fearing college dropout is trying to gut the state university.   
I could go on about the other things he's done to Wisconsin, but I don't have all day.  ("Sorry, Mom, I'll take out the trash in a minute!")  But it's not just his record that makes him more dangerous than other Republican presidential hopelesses.  It's also this - Walker is funded by the Koch brothers, whose agenda Walker made his own as part of his ambition to achieve higher office.  And he becomes President of the United States, be very afraid.  He recently said that he could take on the Islamic State because of the experience he's had in silencing dissent in Wisconsin.  "If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world," he said.
Imagine a candidate so arrogant he compares demonstrators in the streets of Madison fighting for their rights to theocratic terrorist commandos.  And if he has no qualms about going after protesters with force to shut them up, never mind the Islamic State - imagine what he'd do to anyone else in the world he sees as a threat! 
Currently Walker is ahead in the polls in the Iowa caucuses.  Although that may reflect the fact that Iowa Republican caucus voters are reactionaries like he is and know him as their neighboring state's governor, a victory in Iowa could provide a nice springboard for a victory in New Hampshire. 
To be honest, he may be beatable in the primaries, never mind a general election. His state is an economic basket case, having failed to produce enough jobs on his watch, and his own job approval rating is at 41 percent. A possible campaign-finance scandal may be brewing, as investigators are looking into possible illegalities regarding how, when he was Milwaukee County Executive, his staff might have crossed the legal line between official and political business, and how he may have been involved in illegal activities to fund his 2012 recall election campaign. You can read all about it in this Mother Jones article. But Walker is also a wily politician who knows who to divide the opposition and knows how to get elected.  He's also good at being one step ahead of anyone who tries to append a scandal to him, unlike Chris Christie.  Walker's opponents for the Republican presidential nomination, like Christie or Donald Trump, may call him on his many weaknesses.  But only Scott Walker can kill Scott Walker.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.  

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