Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chris Christie For WHAT?

For President? 2016? Really?  

When I heard that Chris Christie was announcing his bid for the Presidency in his hometown of Livingston, New Jersey, about five miles from where I live, I seriously considered going down to Livingston High School with one goal in mind - to meet one of those cute female reporters form the local cable news station!
Ha ha, I'm kidding, but I certainly was not motivated to go there by state or ethnic (like Christie, I'm half Irish and half Italian) pride.  I wanted to go and register my disapproval, like hundreds of others did - or, at least, get some pictures.  But I didn't . . . because I'd only be contributing to mass anger at Christie, and if you have so many people angry at you, well, that only proves how popular you are.
Except in Christie's case.  His approval rating as governor of New Jersey is abysmal.  The economy in this state is in the dumps.  He's so abrasive and nasty that if ever became leader of the free world, relations between the United States and everyone else would be worse than they were under Bush the Younger.  And he seriously wants to be President?
But here's what I don't get:  He's opened his campaign by calling for compromise and negotiating with political opponents to get things done like he did in New Jersey.
Hello?  Did Christie's body get taken over by a pod person?  (It must have been a very big pod.)  Because the Christie I know of - the Christie I saw at a local town meeting in Caldwell, New Jersey almost a year to the day before he announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination - has a "my way or the highway" approach to governance and doesn't want to negotiate with the Democrats on anything . . . except on pension reform, where he reneged on his promises.  He's lying about compromise, just as he's lying on guns, Common Core, Sandy relief, and a whole slew of other things.  His overall policy positions -
Wait.  Look up Christie's record yourself.   Take a look at his track record.  You'll see just why the thought of "President Christie" is so ludicrous that the only reason my jaw hasn't dropped at the thought of it is because I'm too busy laughing so hard.  
"President Christie" . . . what a punch line . . . :-D               

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