Saturday, May 16, 2015

TV Corrections and Updates: May 16, 2015

In a now-since-radically-revised blog entry about the new TV movie about Bessie Smith, which airs on HBO tonight,  starring the entertainer legally known as Dana Owens, I pontificated on its star not having known who Bessie Smith was as if she had just heard of her relatively recently.  I turns out that  this movie project was first started, with Owens, in the early 1990s.  In other words, she's known about Bessie Smith for more than twenty years, not two.  Okay, I apologize.  But I still think it was weird that it took her until she was in her early twenties when she first heard of Smith (I was twelve when I first heard of her, an I saw a clip of her performing when I was fourteen), and so my anti-rap comments from that post still stand.
Here's an update on Mindy Kaling's show; canceled by Fox, it's moving to Hulu.  And, speaking of Fox, it appears that I forgot to place the titles of its new 2015-16 programs in boldface.  Yeah, I corrected that.
In light of all that, when I think of all the difficulties, and how hard it is just to keep up with things, I almost want to quit the blogging business! 
Back later with comments on ABC's and CBS's 2015-16 lineups, then I have a lot of pressing events to cover.

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