Monday, May 11, 2015

Clarification: May 11, 2015

In my April 7 blog entry "The Decline of Politics and Popular Culture",  in which I skewered both Arkansas senator Tom Cotton and Tennessee pop-tart Miley Cyrus in their feud over gay rights (finding them both tactless), I criticized Ms. Cyrus for encouraging her fans to shut down the senator's voice-mail system when a more tasteful alternative would have been "a demonstration outside the building outside his office."  I meant to type "a demonstration outside the building housing his office," and the error has since been corrected.  Though I regret the original error, I don't regret any negative thing I said about either Tom Cotton (who has since been discredited as an Iran expert or as a foreign policy expert) or Miley Cyrus (who, alas, has not been discredited as a singer or as an entertainer).  

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