Thursday, April 30, 2015

Uncrippled Creek

With all the bad news going on these days, from the rioting in Baltimore (more about that later) to the earthquake in Nepal - and with some things at home not working out right (too personal to share here) - I've got some good news to report that's literally close to home.  The oil spill in the creek (or brook; I don't really know the difference) behind my house, which occurred in March, has been thoroughly cleaned up.
The state Department of Environmental Protection worker told me back then that it could take weeks or even months to clean up the leaked oil, which I'm led to understand was heating oil.  Well, it's the last day of April, and the rubber and plastic barriers and the spongelike roll-out mats that I showed pictures of on this blog in my initial post about the spill are gone.  And while I won't call the brook pristine - it does, after all, run through a suburban neighborhood - the worst pollution it's ever seen is behind us.  
Now the kids in the neighborhood can get the wooded property it runs through behind my house all spruced up again for use as a park.  I hope to contribute some marigolds there, like I did last year.
That's all for now on this April 30 - see you next month! :-D  In all seriousness, I'll probably be blogging a bit less in May.  I need to slow down a bit.   

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