Wednesday, April 8, 2015

No First of Spring, No Songs To Sing . . .

In fact, it's just another ordinary day.  And a chilly one at that.
Okay, spring has actually started in the greater New York, and apart form a dusting of snow on the last day of March (which quickly melted), we haven't had any snowfall  since we got some on the first day of spring.  Now it's damp and rainy . . . April showers.  I don't know it this has me down or if it's the fact that I spread crabgrass killer on my lawn from a new bag while forgetting we still had plenty left in an old bag.  Or maybe it was because I had to cancel an appointment at  the last minute, or maybe it was the flat tire I sustained yesterday!
Whatever.  After a couple more days of rain and possibly a thunderstorm or two on Friday, it should be milder and drier for the weekend.
Meanwhile, Boston is getting yet more snow.
Urban planning critic James Kunstler once predicted that Boston would become the most desirable American city to live in.  Not with the climate shifts bringing colder and snowier winters to Boston and turning it into another Anchorage.  In fact, Anchorage may end up having better weather by century's end.  
So, it could be worse . . .    

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