Monday, April 20, 2015

April Downpours

I know it's supposed to rain in April, but two inches in a day?
That's exactly how much it's supposed to rain today in northern New Jersey, and, having had to go outside this morning, I have concluded that we've gotten most of that rain already.  It was so wet that my mother advised me last night to wear a poncho she left in the laundry room.  (It's too bad I forgot where in the laundry roam it was when I had to go out, and I couldn't wake her up to ask her!)  It's raining really hard as I type, and the wind is also picking up.
Did I happen to mention there could be thunderstorms later today?
I stopped obsessing about severe weather as soon as it became apparent that winter was finally over and we wouldn't have to worry about the weather until summer storms and the height of the hurricane season.  Silly me; thanks to climate change, severe weather is an all-year occurrence, not just at the the most extreme periods of winter and summer. From now on, no season is safe from severe weather, just as no region of the country is safe from all sorts of severe weather.
Did I happen to mention that Philadelphia is under a tornado threat? I do not mean Philadelphia, Mississippi.
Note to Paul Williams:  Rainy days and Mondays always get me down, too, and today has it covered both ways.  But even today isn't likely to top the worst rainy Monday of all, the day Hurricane Sandy struck.
Unless you live in Philly . . .

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