Monday, March 9, 2015

Winter Versus Spring

I may have said this before, but I'll say it again.  Daylight Savings Time has begun in America - on the second Sunday in March, since 2007 - but spring really hasn't.  We're experiencing warmer temperatures in northern New Jersey this week, with rain instead of snow, but . . . remember what  I said about March being February repeated, as indicated by the fact that both months share the same calendar in non-leap years?  (Ironically, February in leap years shares the same calendar with August.)  Well, it seems fitting that, having had Friday the 13th last month (February 2015), we're having another this month (March 2015), with some bad luck in the weather forecast.  Snow?  Maybe.  But ice is also a possibility.   
Here's the deal.  Rain, and plenty of it, is forecast for Friday through Sunday, some of it mixed with snow in the weekend overnight hours.  Some freezing rain could also mix in.  Whether any of this freezing rain will cause enough icing to make the roads treacherous - and cause electrical blackouts - is unclear.  But it's not going to be pretty.
Obviously, given the choice between snow and ice, I'd take snow.  But, since this is March, we could still get  a good deal of both in the three weeks and change left in this month, regardless of what happens this coming weekend.   Spring is trying to phase in, but winter is not ready to go away. 

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