Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hillary: No Control, No Alternative, To Be Deleted

Hillary Clinton answered the charges against her for her use of a private server for her official e-mails as Secretary of State, explaining that she used one account and one server for "convenience," the same account her husband, former President Bill Clinton, used, and that she kept official e-mails but deleted personal ones.  She agreed to hand over all official e-mails to prove she had nothing to hide, and that any personal and/or deleted e-mails was none of our business.
I'm sorry.  She's gotta go.
You think that explanation will satisfy her critics?  It's only encouraged the select committee on Benghazi to demand to see all of her e-mails, indicating that they don't trust her.  Now, maybe Hillary Clinton is being honest.  But even if she is, none of her partisan Republican detractors are going to be satisfied until she turns over her server to a third party for independent review.  By the time she agrees to let them see everything, they'll bring Ken Starr back.
This only reinforces the idea that Hillary Clinton, like her husband, follows the letter of the law more than the spirit of it, and that the Clintons will take any short cut to avoid the latter.  Now, maybe that's not a fair perception of the reality of the situation, but in a country where perception is reality, it's too damaging for the Clintons to be taken lightly.
Oh yeah, the Associated Press is suing the State Department to see all of her official e-mails.
The Democrats in 2016 are more likely than ever to mirror the Whigs in 1852.  The party has been hollowed out by electoral failure, it's not encouraging what few rising stars it has to seek the Presidency, and it's about to pull the same trick for the third time (just as the Whigs in 1852 nominated a war hero for the third time) with the belief that this parlor trick - nominating a Clinton - worked twice before, why not try it again?  There's really no one else to run for the White House, there's no Plan B in case Hillary falters, and she appears to have done just that.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again; anyone who's a Democrat now will belong to another party by the end of the decade, because there'll be no Democratic Party by the end of the decade. 
By 2020, it won't be just Hillary's personal e-mails that will be deleted from memory. 

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