Monday, March 16, 2015

Clarification: March 16, 2015

In my post of February 9 of this year, "Mr. Smith Goes To the Grammys (And So Does Mr. West)", published the day after the Grammy Awards ceremony,  I wrote that "alternative rock doesn't interest Kanye West, who, once again, got up on stage to protest the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' choice, this time without saying a word, then later saying that Beyoncé should have won."
By "once again," I meant that West has pulled this stunt before.  But not at the Grammys.  The first time he did so was when he jumped on stage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift after she'd won an award he thought should have gone to Beyoncé.  So the use of the words "once again" was partially inaccurate.  I have since reworded the post to reflect the distinction between the Grammys and the VMAs.  
I regret the original language of the post, but I do not regret it when I say that Kanye West is a jerk.

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