Thursday, February 26, 2015

Immigration Men and Irritation Men

I think the best thing Republicans can do to discourage immigrants from coming here is to keep running the country.
The Republican Senate has passed a clean bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security after threats to shut down the department over President Obama's executive order to help undocumented immigrants were rendered moot by a federal judge's ruling to block it.  Good news, until you realize that House right-wingers hell-bent on denying Obama the upper hand on anything are resisting the passage of such a bill to demonstrate their displeasure with what they perceive to be an overreach of presidential power.  And the evil clowns - the Jokers - who would be the next Republican President either support the House righties or refuse to comment on the issue.
It appears that the House would gladly let the Homeland Security Department go unfunded indefinitely, even though the authorities just arrested three would-be Islamic State recruits living in Brooklyn who, in the event of failing in their efforts to join the group, were eager to plan terrorist attacks on the United States that included murdering U.S. law enforcement officers and planting a bomb at Coney Island, as well as assassinating Obama. This comes amid threats against malls.  Even the Republican predecessors of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff, both of whom oppose Obama's executive order, say that holding up funding for the department is a dangerous game of chicken, and that the House should not hold it up.  Watch the House Republican caucus - its majority secured through gerrymandering - not care as Speaker Boehner pretends to lead the House while allowing himself to be led by the Tea Party.  My advice, if the Department of Homeland Security is not funded in time, is this:  Buy things on Amazon, and stay away from roller coasters.        

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Steve said...

The Department of Homeland Security funding bill was passed, of course. :p