Saturday, February 13, 2010

Live From Vancouver - NOT!

I haven't seen much to make fun of on this first full day of competition at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, but the opening ceremony was certainly entertaining. The Canadians put on a tasteful, understated show (too bad about that pillar that failed to lift during the torch lighting ceremony, though), much different from the the kind of Olympic ceremonies their neighbors to the south stage. Fess up: If not for Muhammad Ali lighting the torch, would you have remembered the opening ceremony at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics fondly? Or even remembered it? I'm still trying to forget Kiss at the closing ceremony at Salt Lake City in 2002. That's the real reason, I believe, why the International Olympic Committee said no to Chicago's bid for the 2016 Games.
Oh yeah, Vancouver. Well, I'm pleased that Hannah Kearney won a gold medal in women's skiing moguls and all that, but, uh, you do realize that this is a sport involving twirls in the air and going over bumps deliberately placed on the course! I'll be impressed when an American wins a gold medal in a real sport, like ice dancing.
On a serious note. . . . The luge competition is on as I type. They've moved the men's starting line down to where the women's starting line used to be and the women's starting line even farther down. Since that fatal accident involving the luger from Georgia, safety is being taken even more seriously.

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Steve said...

Checking my comments on the opening ceremony at the Torino Winter Games from four years ago, I had forgotten about how outrageous that was! Maybe Italy should get the Games for awhile, either. What do you think? :-D