Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gore Gored

With Washington, D.C. having been hit by two blizzards in a week, Republican lawmakers have been needling Albert Gore for his insistence that global warming is a real threat, with one Republican hoping that it snows until "Al Gore cries 'uncle.'" The daughter and son-in-law of noted global warming denier James Inhofe even ridiculed Gore by building an igloo in the middle of downtown Washington and calling it Gore's "new house."
Again - severe snowstorms, not even blizzards in areas that normally don't see such weather, aren't indicators that global warming doesn't exist. In fact, they may be an indicator that what should be called "climate change" does exist. Warming in some parts of the world may have an adverse effect of causing more precipitation and even colder temperatures elsewhere. In Britain - which saw tremendous amounts of snow last month - people could see a new ice age as melting ice caps in the polar regions disrupts the Gulf Stream, which keeps the British Isles temperate and mild enough for human settlement. And by the way, the United Kingdom and Ireland are as far north as Labrador in Canada is.
Environmentalists shouldn't get upset over Republican ridiculing of Al Gore. If so many Republicans are making fun of him, that only shows how popular he is. When the only Republican making fun of Al Gore is a county clerk in Wyoming, then he'll have a problem.

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