Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Downhill Delays

The PBS Newshour reported the results of the women's downhill skiing race at the Vancouver Winter Olympics before NBC had the opportunity to show it, so I watched it knowing that Lindsey Vonn had won, getting the gold medal, with the perky Julia Mancuso taking the silver medal. (Elisabeth Goergl of Austria won the bronze.) Three other skiers, including Sweden's Anja Paerson, crashed, but no one was hurt. The crashes were the big surprise.
I'm pleased that Vonn won, since she had injured her shin and took advantage of the delays of this event to nurse herself back to form. Normally, knowing the result of an Olympic event would discourage one from tuning in to see it on tape, but to me, watching the Olympics on tape delay is like watching a movie I've already seen. I love it when I know the ending. :-)

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