Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Undistinguished Gentleman

After a comically endless and insufferably smug victory speech that made Bill Clinton's 1988 Democratic convention speech sound like Cicero, noted centerfold model Scott Brown made the obligatory talk show rounds as Massachusetts's new senator-elect, explaining his positions on taxation and fiscal discipline and vowing to be a different kind of Republican - as if Edward Brooke, the last Republican to represent the Bay State in the Senate, hadn't been so different. (A black liberal Republican sounded like a novelty even in the seventies.) Brownie did a heck of a job at his first post-election press conference, insisting that he supports health care reform but that he wants to see a better bill than the one we have now (you mean you support a public option, Brownie?), and that he wants to work with President Obama and the rest of Congress to make it happen.
All . . . right.then - if Scottzo is sincere about this, let's see him work with Democrats to make health care reform a reality! Who else would Obama go to in the Senate Republican caucus to work with? Ohio's George Voinovich? Maine's Olympia Snowe? Maybe even . . . George LeMieux of Florida? You can't be serious! Here's your chance to prove you're not just another Cosmopolitan superstud, Brownie - go out and get health care reform done for the people! Come on, Scott - show your stuff!
You did it in June 1982.
By the way, is it just me, or does anyone else get the vibe that Scott Brown's favorite song is "My Sharona?"
Meanwhile, I'd like to offer the following message to Martha Coakley. . . . I've been having a bad week, too. So don't be discouraged, Martha my dear - someone understands. :-(

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