Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiger Tamed

Tiger Woods admitted to infidelity against his wife, and how he plans to take an indefinite break from golf to mend fences with his family. This may not sound like a big deal, but Tiger Woods doesn't just have a place in golf today - he is golf. A golf tournament without Tiger Woods is like a rock festival without U2. I can see a lot of television sports programmers wishing they could throw their schedules into a water hazard.
With winter coming on, there obviously won't be many tournaments coming up in this hemisphere any time soon. Of course, there are golf matches in Australia to consider, and even when the Masters begins in Augusta in the spring, Tiger Woods may still be on hiatus.
Since Tiger is a much better golfer than he is a husband, and since he probably has more credibility as a golfer than as a pitchman, winning golf tournaments is the only way he can get back on his feet. And even if and when he does return to the links, his personal life will still be in the back of his mind.
I think his glory days are over.

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Steve said...

Earlier, I posted on Tiger Woods and I said that was all I had to say about it. I lied. :-p