Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three Stooges

Two stories from the news this Veterans' Day require me to write a pair of open letters to three conservative morons - I mean, icons:
Dear Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK): Don't go around waving the flag and touting the wonderful job the nation's veterans have done in service to their country and then block a bill that would expand health care to those same veterans, especially when 2266 veterans died last year for lack of health insurance and veterans account for one third of all homeless men.
Dear Sean Hannity: If you want to help the Fox News Channel, for whom you work (or something like it), preserve what little credibility it has as a source of journalism, don't run footage from your coworker Glenn Beck's September 12 rally and claim it was from the much more sparsely attended "press conference" (actually a rally, called a press conference by Republican congressmen so they could play for it with taxpayers' money) staged last Thursday to oppose the health care bill in the House. First you showed video from the "press conference," with leaves in the background changing color and trees partly bare, then you showed video of a rally with full, green-leafed trees in the background. Come on, even Fox News viewers aren't that dumb! Even Glenn Beck isn't that dumb!
Dear Glenn Beck: You are one big twit.


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Steve said...

Thank you for your compliment! :-)